The more points you get, the more levels you unlock! .....Then you just need to share, like, review, watch and engage to become an Ultimate SuperStar.
What is SuperStar Club?
It's Hardees way of rewarding our customers. We want to take you from a 'Rookie Trainee' to a 'SuperStar'. We'll give you missions online. The more you complete, the more points you get. Win badges and level up. As you go, you'll be rewarded.
How do I sign up?
Click on Login | Register and fill in your name, email and mobile. Agree to our terms and conditions. You're then ready to satisfy your hunger and start getting great rewards.
What do I do?
We have 5 levels: Trainee, Rising Star, Hungry Hero, Big Guy and Superstar. Not everyone will make it to SuperStar Status. But those that do will not just have bragging rights, they'll win big. 

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